Automotive Shop Financing

Auto body shops are one of the most important types of small businesses fueling the American economy, providing a backbone to the nation's infrastructure and transportation system. However, when automotive businesses struggle to make ends meet, they are one of the first types of businesses to be turned away for additional financing. The economy has greatly affected automotive businesses that could benefit from having additional merchant funding to help pay for supplies, damaged items, new tools, and more.

We offer a solution to the problem of how to obtain financing for your automotive business. In order to qualify for our automotive business finance program, all we need to see is your recent financial history, including your credit card transactions and bank statements. The money we advance you comes in the form of an unsecured business loan, meaning that you don't have to provide any collateral to be approved for financing. And if your business has a less than perfect credit score, it will not disqualify you from being approved for additional working capital.
We can advance your auto body shop with as much as $250,000 in cash that you can put towards any expense related to keeping your business going strong. To learn about the method of repayment and to see how much your business qualifies for, please fill out our simple application form or call us today. (877) 766-6812.